Soul Waterman Dino Youth Spray Skirt

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The Soul Waterman Angry Mullet Dino Youth Kayak Skirt is a high quality kayak skirt designed to fit most Soul youth cockpits.

The Dino Skirt is designed for young kids who do not yet have the mental presence or strength to pull their skirt if their boat capsizes. This skirt is a great option for young paddlers because it keeps water out of their boat and gets them used to wearing a kayak skirt. The skirt is designed to come off on its own if the boat is flipped and it has an adjustable bungee so you can adjust how much resistance there is before the skirt pops off. The Dino also has a front grab loop to practice the action of removing the skirt and an adjustable neoprene waist to keep kids warm and keep water out.

*Important safety notice: In order for the skirt to self release, it is imperative that the tunnel is adjusted to a snug fit, and lifted to underarm level, so that the kids squirming applies pressure to the section over the cockpit combing and releases. If the tunnel is loose, the skirt may not auto release as easily.

Fits: Mini Me, Mini Monkey, Terrible Two, Angel, Fun1 and "most" Shooting Star

Kayaking is dangerous. Kayak at your own risk.

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